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Our Team

Mr Andy Yu

Licence No.: 20029282 (Wai Ming Yu)

Email: andy@paysaverealty.com.au


Mobile: 0434 280 127

Andy has worked in the sales and marketing areas for more than thirty years.  He was born and grew up in Hong Kong. Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic and completed subsequent professional qualifications, he was a chartered electrical engineer.  Andy got his master degree in business administration from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology twenty years ago.  As the prosperous electronic industry gradually shifted from Hong Kong to mainland China in the last two decades, Andy finally relocated himself to join his family in Sydney a few years ago.  Incorporating his experience in sales and property investment, he chose  real estate service as his new career in Australia.

In addition to his professional expertise and integrity, Andy is also a very responsible and hard working agent.  Throughout the years, he has achieved a lot of compliments and support from his clients.  Andy is a fully licensed real estate agent and accredited auctioneer.  We trust Andy will endeavour even harder to serve his new customers while he is now working as the Director of Pay Save Realty.

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Ms Janet Yu

Licence No.: 20019822

Email: janet@paysaverealty.com.au


Mobile: 0411 507 718

Being another half of Andy, Janet was also born and grew up in Hong Kong.  She is keen to learn new things.  While she was young, she played various sports and used her free time to learn new languages.  She studied Sociology and Psychology in her first degree and business administration her second degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She ever worked as a market researcher,  management consultant, and college lecturer in Hong Kong.  While she was taking care of her four children of school age, she studied theology and got her master degree in Christian Studies.


After returning to Sydney with the children to settle in Epping in 2003, Janet started to work as a volunteer staff member for a fast growing Chinese Christian church in Eastwood.  Seeing the rapidly increasing housing demand and affordability of the Chinese migrants, Janet knew she had to buy a home for the family in 2007 before it was too late.  Accumulating the several years of experience in searching rental and selling residential properties, Janet decided to contribute what she had learnt both successful and unsuccessful experience and knowledge to the industry with a view to best matching the most suitable home seller and buyer.  In the past few years, Janet kept on studying new things like counselling, interpreting and, of course, real estate.  After she has been qualified as a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer, Janet also endeavoured to gain another qualification to become a licensed strata managing agent in 2013 so as to provide a comprehensive real estate agency service to her clients.


Janet is genuinely interested and passionate in helping people finding their dream home while paying the owners a satisfactory price.  Regardless of the monetary return, Janet has been striving her utmost to serve her clients who wholeheartedly thanked her in return.



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