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New Approach: "You Pay To Save"

The world is changing.  We should adjust to the new market environment.  In the past days, home owners visited local agents and commissioned local agents to sell homes for them.  The agents then advertised the property in the local paper and erected signs outside the property.  Buyers would do window shopping at local agencies in the area where they wish to purchase properties.  Shop displays were important for proactive vendors and buyers in the old days.

With the ever advancing information technology, the effectiveness of each advertising medium is changing.  In the time of the seller market, such as that in the last ten years, nearly all residential properties can be sold.  The agents work harder on competing for listing rather than the actual selling process.  If the owner can achieve successful advertising, they can also sell their property without an agent.

On the other hand, a novice buyer needs an agent to help them find a suitable property and guide them through the buying process as this may be a life decision to them.

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