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To All Smart Home Buyers:

The current Australian property market much exploits the buyers.  Inexperienced buyers would feel good when they first learn that they need not pay any agency commission for property purchase.  However an old Chinese saying 羊毛出在羊身上 (literally meaning "wool comes from sheep") reminds people that there is no free lunch.  In actuality, the buyer who pays no extra cost is paying all the costs due to others.  Another more comprehensive Chinese idiom is 別人請客你付鈔 (meaning that other people treat guests but you pay the bill).

Therefore, be a proactive and smart buyer, get Pay Save Realty:

  • To represent you.
  • To conduct active property search for you.
  • To find the best match for you.
  • To cut the selling cost for you.
  • To save you time.
  • To negotiate the best price for you.
  • To save extra money from stamp duty, tax DGR, interest bearing deposit, etc.

If you intend to purchase a residential property, do not wait for your dream home to come up on the internet.  Get yourself an agent to work for you.  It saves you a lot of time and trouble.  You need not reveal yourself in the property search process.  You need not door knock a property you much desire but your agent will do it for you. You may feel embarrassed to speak to your neighbor but your agent can negotiate a good price off the market for you.  You can buy a property which has never been open for public inspection.  A lot of determined buyers would pay a premium price for a new listing in order to stop further open house inspections attracting strangers coming into their new home.

If you use other buyer agencies, you might have to spend on a premium.  This is because they will usually conduct search within the pool of available properties on the market, which are listed by other agents.  If you commision Pay Save Realty to be your real estate agent, you can save time, trouble, and money in the long term.


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