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Selling Kit

After signing the exclusive listing agreement, Pay Save Realty will provide to sellers a comprehensive selling kit that should help you with the following tasks:

  •  Familiarizing yourself with the selling process in the New South Wales
  • Understanding the general market in terms of the global economy, the business environment, government policies (e.g., immigration, tax incentives), and local infrastructure or future planning
  • Evaluating your own property's strength and weaknesses
  • Studying the local market performance by attending opens, reading local papers, and surfing websites
  • Determining the property's market positioning, such as rezoning opportunities, subdivision opportunities, redevelopment, location convenience in transport, shopping, school catchment, street appeal, views and aspects, size of block, features of improvement (building)
  • Carrying out pre-sale works according to the determined market positioning
  • Commissioning a conveyancer or solicitor to prepare a contract for sale of land for you
  • Arranging photograph taking and advertising copy writing
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