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Our Mission

We endeavour to uphold an open, fair, and righteous property transaction for all parties involved by means of:

  • Providing an advertising platform for vendors,

  • Guiding vendors to undertake their own rights and responsibilities,

  • Supporting them in terms of manpower and materials,

  • Passing the full control of the selling process to vendors,

  • Supplying and updating market intelligence to both vendors and buyers,

  • Finding the best suitable property for the buyer,

  • Research on property information such as history, current amenities, and future environment planning for the buyer,

  • Conducting on-site inspections from before marketing to final settlement,

  • Arranging professional jobs such as photograph taking, building and pest inspection, and conveyance,

  • Negotiating on behalf of the buyer for the best reasonable price, and

  • Facilitating the new owner in moving, renovating, rebuilding or finding tenants.

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