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Agency News 2014

Quality Furniture for Sale

Dining table, chair set, lounge sofa, coffee table and radio set for sale

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(Updated 14/11/2014)


The father, Mr Tozhou Yu, of our Sales Director Andy Yu, peacefully passed away on the early morning of 5th August in Hong Kong at the age of 95.  Andy has returned to Hong Kong to take care of his family and attend the funeral held on 26/8 there.  He will be back to work on 28/8.  Meanwhile, Janet is acting for Andy until his return.



(Updated 15/08/2014)

Sold in ONE Day for $1,135,000

The owners raised their five children in this lovely cottage and now it is sad to say goodbye to their home where they have been living for over four decades.

Whoever lives in this cosy cottage shall be blessed in their life.

The owners have never thought of moving away not long ago but miracle happens to this family and they say it is time for them to move on. 


(Updated 21/01/2014)

Agency News 2013

Pay Save Realty in Operation during Christmas and New Year

Our Sales Director, Andy Yu, is now in Hong Kong and will return in late January.  He may be contacted on (852) 9883 1740.


Pay Save Realty is still in operation during Christmas and New Year period.  If no one answers the land  line call on 895 77 229, you can still reach us via the agency mobile phone number 0411507718.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients, acquaintances and community a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


(Updated 16/12/2013)

Sold at $1.15M in 5 Days

                                                                                                             The owner is amazed at the awesome street record price resulted

                                                                                                             from our team!


                                                                                                             (Updated 07/12/2013)


Strata Management

Janet Yu has completed the qualification requirements for holding a licence of strata management.


(Upated 03/08/2013)

Our Agency's Success was Recognised in the Community

Hills Shire Times published on 9th July has remarked our  successful approach to marketing the home at 6 Lemongrove Ave Carlingford, which brings satisfaction to all parties at stake.


(Updated 12/07/2013)

Recently Launched New Complex at Carlingford

A new complex of 84 units situated next to K13 Memorial Park on Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford has just been launched this month for sale.  The development will be completed by end of 2015.  During the initial promotion period until early July, a discount of $5,000 (for 5% deposit) to $15,000 (for 10% deposit) will be offered to buyers.  This is a great opportunity to both first home buyers and investors.


(Updated 24/06/2013)

Happy Vendor & Buyer at 6 Lemongrove Avenue, Carlingford

One of our agency goals is to find the best vendor-buyer match.  Pay Save Realty has made another success in finding a greatly interested buyer willing to offer a well satisfying price for the vendor of 6 Lemongrove Avenue, Carlingford.  Our agent, Andy, has a network of keen potential home buyers, including this young buyer who has been actively searching a new home in the past months with his spouse.  After the VIP preview of the property, they were wise enough to snatch this property off the market in just two days before its first planned open house inspection.


From the picture, you can see that both the vendor (middle) and the buyer (left) are happy with the property sale.


(Updated 19/06/2013)

Local Acknowledgement of Our Success

Our success in selling the Kingswood property has been noted by the local community and was published as the top market news in the Penrith Press on Friday 14 June 2013.


(Updated 19/06/2013)

​Congratulations to Our Kingswood Vendor & Buyer!

The property at 28 Second Avenue, Kingswood has been sold at a record price.  The buyer was smart to grasp the property after it was on the market for two weeks.  The chosen marketing strategies proved to be successful and appropriate.  The vendor was very satisfied with the final selling price.


(Updated 08/06/2013)

Expansion of Service Area to Southern Sydney

Our service area has now been expanded to the Southern areas of Sydney, including Beverly Hills, Narwee, Kingsgrove and Riverwood suburbs.  Currently we are promoting a rental property in Beverly Hills, which has attracted a large number of enquiries. 

(Updated 22/05/2013)

Off-Plan Properties for Sale

Pay Save Realty has signed up agency agreements with different developers for selling their development projects in Carlingford as well as Sydney wide, including Epping and Macquarie Park.  The floor plans for available apartment units have been displayed on our website.  Inspection appointments are invited.

(Updated 22/05/2013)

Off-Market Properties for Sale

Pay Save Realty has been entrusted by some new and established home owners to sell their residential properties off-market.  Details can be found on our website.  This is a great opportunity for serious buyers to gain access to some good properties off the market.

(Updated 22/05/2013)

Welcome to Our New Staff Members : Andy & Joseph

We are happy to announce that Mr Andy Yu and Mr Joseph Lai have joined our team recently.  For details, please visit Our Team.

(Updated 07/04/2013)

Message to Current & Potential Home Owners

Pay Save Realty is bringing you good news by providing you a remarkable alternative to home ownership transferal.

  • A win-win situation to both seller and  buyer

  • Free to register your interest via  our website

  • Free advertising, agency commission, materials and manpower support to owners

  • Minimized selling cost to benefit both seller and buyer without compromise in best return to both parties

  • Target marketing to identify the best match for different types of properties

  • Selling price excludes selling cost which attracts stamp duty

  • Owner can be in full control of the selling process

  • No need to disclose address to the public, prepare in advance the contract for sale of land,, open house for inspection, or any prior sale preparation; if owner prefers privacy

  • Buyer can obtain full agency support in property search

  • Our proactive search helps buyer access potential properties off the market

  • Our committed managing service endeavours to bring the greatest satisfaction to both landlords and tenants

Congratulations to Our Smart Buyer Clients!

After searching for their desired home for a couple of months, we conceded that we could not match the right property for our committed clients to meet their imminence of home search.

We have already identified some desirable properties to be put for sale in the coming months.  However, our buyer clients' changed circumstances could not allow them to wait any longer for better opportunities to come up.

Although it was to the disadvantage of our business, we still strive to serve our clients in assisting them all the way through the buying process.  We provided them with the latest market information, through sophisticated information sources and our buying experience in the area .  We even went to knock on the doors of certain suburbs outside our designated service areas for the benefits of our clients.  Since most of the buyers had little experience in buying homes, we also provided them information of relevant professional parties.  At times, we accompanied them to visit these professionals and properties on the market at no charge.

We look forward to serving you in the near future.

(Updated 17/11/2012)

Communication Frustration

Pay Save Realty has been spending much time and resources to strive to communicate our service with the community at large.  It came to our shock recently that our phone system has never functioned properly.

Since the beginning of our operation, we set up both land and mobile phone lines, which our service provider have claimed to be capable of diversion to other phone lines.  Since the diversion technology is commonly used nowadays, we did not doubt whether the calls were actually diverted.  However, they were not.  Pay Save Realty regrets the great damage that the telecommunication service provider had inflicted on us.  Until now, their engineering team is still working on this issue.

Pay Save Realty would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all our clients and patrons for the inconvenience and frustration caused to them.  We sincerely hope that you will still contact us in the near future.

(Updated 09/11/2012)

New Website Appearance

After so many months dwelling on constructing our previous website without a satisfactory outcome, we finally decide to switch our website to a more advanced and attractive version.

Beyond our control, our website was scrapped away without our prior acknowledgement; which inevitably created some misconception to our clients that Pay Save Realty is closing down.  Definitely not.  We endeavour to ever improve our service to you.  Thanks to the hard work of our team member who helped complete the website construction within two days, regardless of whether there are still areas to improve.

Since our service is to look forward to the future, we have adopted the latest technical specifications.  If your computer systems have not yet updated to the latest versions, you may find difficulty visiting our website.  We apologize that you may have to upgrade your internet browser versions before you can read our details.

Please take some time to visit our website and kindly feedback any further improvements required.


(Updated 27/10/2012)

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