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Listing Conditions

The conditions of listing with Pay Save Realty are:

  • You must be the owner, estate executor, or the representative with the power of attorney to act on behalf of the owner, of the residential property located within the specified Pay Save Realty service area.
  • The property to be listed is expected to be sold within three months.
  • You understand that you are fully responsible for the marketing of the property with the support from Pay Save Realty in providing you the necessary advertising channel, selling materials and related information sources.
  • You should conduct your own property valuation from independent parties and set the asking price for the property in the advertisement.
  • The asking price must be in line with Pay Save Realty's own appraisal.
  • If the asking price cannot be determined, the property should go to auction and the normal auction agency agreement applies.
  • Before listing, ask Pay Save Realty for a comprehensive selling kit, which should help you prepare all necessary tasks.
  • You must include a floor plan in listing your property.
  • Only upon the contract for sale of land being available that you can list your property with Pay Save Realty, if you want to disclose the full address of the property to the public.
  • You have to sign a three month exclusive listing agreement with Pay Save Realty for our commission-free marketing support
  • A non-refundable listing fee of $200 is payable upon signing the agreement.
  • The listing will still be current upon the lapse of the first three months until the property is sold or being notified by the owner to terminate.
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